Wild Card Wednesdays

One Month Anniversary

Happy Wednesday MI Loves!

Today marks exactly one month since I launched Be Spiritually Bold! I am so excited for what I have been able to do since launching and I am even more excited for what is to come.


Of course, whenever you decide to do something new, there are things you wish you knew before you got started and things you wish you did differently but it is all a part of the learning process.

For today’s edition of #WildCardWednesday, I will be sharing some of the things I have learned along the way since launching.

  1. You do not have to have many followers – Someone will see your posts and be inspired just by who you are and what you have to say. There have been days where I did not have that many visitors to my site, but even if there was only one person who read my post, I felt I have accomplished my goal—to inspire someone.
  2. Not everything will be perfect – Over the past month, I have been constantly reminding myself to strive for progression and not perfection. Just do it and improve every day.
  3. Knowledge is power – It is important to work on your craft everyday whether that be reading an article about blogging, watching a webinar, reading the Bible to study more, or writing content. I have tried my best to spend at least one hour a day learning something new to make Be Spiritually Bold even better.
  4. Be consistent – There have been times over the past month where I have been extremely busy and could have easily thrown in the towel. Yet, I remembered why I started my blog and I told myself, “You never know who is waiting for your post to encourage them or help them get out of a funk.” This definitely added fuel to the fire to continue to be consistent.
  5. Connect with like-minded people – In addition to being connected to my Inner Circle sisters, I have joined new groups on Facebook and posted just about every day to share my blog posts or inspirational messages. You never know how others can help you or how you can help them. You don’t know what you don’t know.
  6. Ask questions – The only dumb question is the question you never ask.#Shotsbypriiincesss-48
  7. Don’t limit your reach – I live in Atlanta, GA. I did not think that within the first month of launching, I would have people from all over the world visit my site (Bahamas, Haiti, Nambia, Iceland, New Zealand, and India just to name a few).
  8. Don’t compare your chapter 1 to someone else’s chapter 20 – We have to keep reminding ourselves and each other that our story is in the beginning stages and it will be a masterpiece once it is written. Mine will be different from yours and yours different from mine. The ultimate thing we must remember is to never give up and keep going so that we may continue to develop chapters that will in turn inspire others to create their stories as well.#Shotsbypriiincesss-42

To all of MI loves, thanks for checking in with me.

Stay connected with me on Instagram and Facebook @bespirituallybold

REMEMBER MI LOVES: You are never too young or old to Be Spiritually BOLD.

God’s purpose for today’s events may not be seen until tomorrow.


4 thoughts on “One Month Anniversary”

  1. Happy Anniversary! Numbers 6-8 resonate heavily with me. Folks who frown on you asking questions are folks who may not be headed where you are. While your inner circle is always a good source, be open to outsiders and outside influence that could broaden your horizons in a positive way. Think of those chapters like money. Never let anyone count your money, and don’t try counting others’ money. Everyone’s journey is different… Still so very proud of you!!!


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