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Be Still, Until God Tells You Otherwise

Hello MI Loves!

January has been a month to remember because of the many things I have been able to accomplish. It has also been a month to remember for a not so great reason–every other week this month I have fallen sick with some form of illness.

Most recently, the flu, and it has not been a pleasant feeling at all. Constantly feeling weak, having trouble sitting up to watch TV or read, barely having an appetite, feeling like a hermit because you can’t go anywhere has been miserable to say the least.

Saturday morning I thought I was well enough to do a little straightening up around the house–since I had been in bed since Thursday–and I quickly was knocked back on my behind. As I laid in bed frustrated, I began thinking and I heard God say, “Be Still, Mi’esha, you are not ready to move until I say so.”

Hearing this really struck a nerve with me because I hate being stuck in the house and of course I thought I would be well by the weekend to at least work on school work and my blog.

After pouting, I decided to stop fighting God’s words and just use the time in bed to think of what I wanted and needed God to work out for me and my family and the things He has already worked out.

MI Loves, God has a way of showing us what we need, who we need, and when we need it, just as much as He shows us what we don’t need. He knows the ultimate plan as He has already written each of our stories, but it takes some effort on our part to allow that manifestation to come to fruition.

There are things in life that we desire right here and right now, but God has not given it to you because it’s not time or it may not be for you in this season. We spend so much of our time fighting for what we think we want/need (i.e me fighting to be out of the bed) that we don’ t take the time to really be still and wait on God’s voice to tell us when to move. It is only when we are still, that we can truly be in God’s presence and hear or see what He has for us.

MI Loves, if there are things you want/need God to work out for you, spend some time being still and allowing God to really show you what it is that you need. The very thing that you may think you want/need may be the very thing that is going to eventually create havoc in your life.


To all of MI loves, thanks for checking in with me.

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“Be still before the Lord and wait patiently for him; do not fret when people succeed in their ways, when they carry out their wicked schemes.” -Psalm 37:7



1 thought on “Be Still, Until God Tells You Otherwise”

  1. I’ve learned to be still. I need to learn to be QUIET lol that’s my problem.
    It’s awesome that you were able to get a message out of being sick and in bed. God really uses every situation!


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