About MI Blog

Being Spiritually Bold means trusting that with God, you are able to do anything you put your mind to—no matter how big, small, realistic, or unrealistic it may seem to others. You must have the confidence in yourself to know that it can be done as long as you have God at the center of it all. Many of the heroic figures in the Bible would not have accomplished as much as they did had it not been for their boldness in God, trusting that He would and could do anything their hearts desired. He did it for me and He is continuously doing it and He will surely do the same for you!

Be Spiritually Bold was created in response to my Bishop Gary Hawkins, Sr. mentioning that as Christians we must be confident and spiritually bold in asking God to make things happen in our lives—in whatever area that may be: personal, spiritual, financial, relationships, careers, etc. It is not considered being arrogant, it is simply putting our bold confidence in God to trust that things will happen by His will. After hearing that message, I began to research what being Spiritually Bold meant as Christians and what examples were given in the Bible. From that moment on, I began being intentional about what it is that I wanted God to do for me in my life and let me tell you…HE SHOWED UP AND SHOWED OUT!

In the past year, I have done things that I probably would have never done had it not been for that message. I have learned how to sew which I now use as self-care, put the emotional energy into finding my biological father, strengthened relationships, started and am one semester away from obtaining my third degree, while working full time, got married, learned to put my feelings first above others, traveled more, been more open to new experiences, and taken more risks—i.e starting this blog.

I have always been a pretty private person—only sharing the deep secrets and struggles with those closest to me—however, it is my goal that through sharing how being spiritually bold helped me… it will be motivation to someone else who has been hesitant to become spiritually bold “We overcome by the blood of the lamb and the word of our testimony” (Revelation 12:11).

Through this blog, I will share some of my Spiritually BOLD moments, words of encouragement, scriptures, quotes, and happenings going on in my life so that you can get to know me a little better.

REMEMBER MI LOVES: You are never too young or old to Be Spiritually BOLD.